Man Accidentally Falls Into Rock Grinder, Gets Crushed To Pieces

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a man is seen working on a rock grinder in a factory. The grinder had a problem after a big rock got stuck inside it. He gets inside to break up the rock but accidentally falls into the machine and gets ground to bits. The other person was not able to switch off the machine on time to save him.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the machine working properly as rocks fall into the grinder and get crushed into pieces. A huge rock enters the machine. It caused all the other rocks to stop behind it. A worker gets down into the machine and tries to fix it by breaking up the rock. Suddenly he falls into the grinder and a rock falls on top of him. The machine starts crushing his legs as he holds onto an edge. The other workers try to stop the machine but fail to do so.

The man holds on for a long time but the machine pulls him in after a while. The people nearby moved away from the horrible incident. The man did not have any safety gear or a rope to stop him from falling.

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