Man Dies Of Sudden Heart Attack During Basketball Game Inside Mall in China, Video Surfaces

Video footage of a basketball game has been doing rounds on the internet. One of the players collapses on the ground after facing a heart attack while playing. All the players rushed towards him and took him to the hospital but were unfortunate. He died due to a massive attack during the basketball game. The incident took place in a mall in china

Watch the video here :

The video shows the basketball players playing a match inside the mall while onlookers watch the game. A referee stands nearby to monitor the game. The video was shot by one of the cameras nearby. After scoring two goals, a man in a yellow jersey bends down to catch his breath for a while. Then he gets up to play again but suddenly gets a heart attack and falls backward on the ground. The referee stops the match and all the other players rush towards him to check on him. The player does not move at all.

They take him to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. The reason for the heart attack on a young man is unknown. The match was canceled later. This incident took place in a mall in China.

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