Man Gets Crushed Against Wall By SUV

A video has been doing rounds on social media where a man is seen sitting near a car door when an out-of-control SUV suddenly comes from behind. The SUV skids on the road and hits another man and crushes him against the wall. The video was recorded by a nearby CCTV camera. The man died on the spot from the immense force.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a man sitting on the sidewalk while another man is present inside the car with the door open. They talk to each other for a while. After some time, an SUV comes at blazing speeds from behind. It can be seen that the SUV is out of control and starts to drift on the road. As the SUV approches them, they run out of the way. The man inside the car could not get far away and gets crushed into a wall by the SUV. He falls down and dies on impact from the vehicle. The nearby people watch inn horror as the incident takes place.

The man would have lived with a few injuries if he had stayed in the car instead of running out. The immediate response of humans is to run away from danger. The local police arrested the driver of the SUV.

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