Man jumps into pond and open jaws of alligator to save pet dog

Dramatic footage has been doing rounds on the internet where a 74-year-old man saves his pet dog who was caught by an alligator by prying open the jaws of the alligator. The puppy was dragged into the water but due to the quick thinking of the owner, the puppy was saved. People across the internet have been praising the man for the brave action. Puppy lovers across the world started sharing the video on social media.

Watch the video here :

The incident took place in Florida where it is common to see alligators near lakes and ponds. The puppy somehow went near the water where a alligator suddenly grabbed the puppy with its mouth and tried to take it into the water. When the 74-year-old man suddenly saw his puppy in the jaws of the alligator. He chose to take matters into his own hands. He rushed over to the water and held the alligators jaws wide open. The puppy managed to escape with a few bruise marks.

The man said that it was very difficult to hold the jaws of the alligator open even though it was a small one. An alligator has a really big chewing force. The puppy would have died if it wasn’t for his brave actions that saved it.

People across the internet started praising the man for doing a great thing.

One user wrote “What a great person, i would not be able to do that”

While another user wrote “That puppy is lucky to have such an owner”

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