Man Jumps Off Bike To Save Toddler, Video Goes Viral

A man jumps off his bike and saves a toddler who was sliding downhill in her walker. Many people have started praising the man on social media. In the video, we can see a man riding a bike on the road when a walker with a baby starts rolling downhill. A man is seen chasing it from a distance. The man on the bike suddenly jumps off his bike and runs towards the baby and stops her from danger.

Check out the video here :

The bike is fallen on the road and his bag as well. The mother is nowhere to be seen in the video.

The video has gained a lot of views after people started sharing it and done rounds on social media. The video has gained over 2 million views on Twitter. Many people started commenting on the video to express their views towards the brave man.

Here are some of them :

This is a video that shows that humanity is still left in people. The man who saved the toddler is being called a superhero which he is. Not many people would do the thing he has done. The toddler is safe because of him.

Here is another story :

A man who lost his surfboard in Huwaii as it drifted away in the ocean, later shows up 5000 Miles away in Philippines.

Doug Falter – Facebook

The wave surfer names Doug Falter lost his board when a wipeout occurred in Hawaii. He thought a local fisherman would find it soon and give it back to him. But no one ever picked it up. He forgot about it and after 2 years, something less of a miracle happened. His pale blue surfboard was found on the remote island of Sarangani.

The person who found the board was a primary school teacher. He alerted Doug on social media to tell him that he found his surfboard. At first, Doug thought it was a joke after seeing the picture of the board after 2 whole years.

He was certain that he would never find the board again since it was a very long time. But somehow, it was recovered by one who lived 5000 miles away. Even though the board drifted across the pacific ocean for a very long time. The nameplate on the surfboard was still visible on the surface.

The Philippines person said that he would take good care of the board and it was his dream to ride the big waves. Both Doug and he have been chatting on social media for a while and have become friends. The board meant a lot to the commercial photographer who started surfing 15 years ago and the achievements on the surfboard.

Doug has said that he would be able to send a beginner’s surfboard in exchange for his and also show him how to ride the board. Teach him to catch the waves around Sarangani. While they are trying to do that, Doug started sharing Youtube videos on “how to surf” and the basics. He is also sending supplies for a school in Branzuela.

Doug said that he would visit the Philippines later after the virus is over or the vaccine comes out. He would visit the person who found his long lost surfboard and complete the story.

Doug shared this story on Facebook which has gone viral and many people started sharing his story as it is very unique. Nobody would actually believe if they heard that a surfboard has traveled 5000 Miles to some unknown person which made him get his board back.

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