Man Risks His Life To Save A Wolf Caught In A Trap

A video of a man saving a wolf that was caught in a trap has gone viral with over 100,000 views across social media platforms. Susanta Nanda works with Indian Forest Services has shared the 52 seconds clip on twitter. It has gone viral with many comments from people across the world.

The video shows that the wolf got one of its leg in a trap. Susanta Nanda saw this and went to help the poor animal who was in a lot of pain.

He used some sort of stick to pin the wolf down so that it would not harm him and then it took a while for him to remove the trap while the wolf was pinned to the ground after which the wolf was released, it quickly ran away and the man went back to not cross its way.

Check out the video here!

In the caption, he wrote, “You have not lived your day until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”…. This man risked his own life to save the wolf. He put his phone down to record in case something happened to him & did what he could to save this wolf”

People have been commenting on the video to congratulate the person.

One person wrote “Great guy, a staving wolf in pain might well have repaid the favor by ending him. What was a trap like that doing lying around anyway? It could have taken a child’s leg clean off. “

“Wow!!! He looks experienced in handling wolves with whatever tool he’s used to pin it down. and Definitely not as easy as it looks here” Another User’s Comment

See other comments here:

That Man is a Great Kind Person.

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