Man Survives Crash After Tractor Ploughs Into Shop

A CCTV video surfaced on the internet where a man who stood in front of a shop in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh was plowed down by an out of control tractor on November 10th. The man miraculously survived the accident. He was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries. Eyewitnesses said the driver of the tractor was over speeding and drove into a medical shop near the College Chowk area of the city after losing control of his vehicle.

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The CCTV video shows a person standing in front of a shop and was waiting for the bus. A tractor suddenly crashes into the shop and throwing the person on the ground forcefully. The tractor slowly pushes back after crashing into the shop. As he tries to stop the tractor, it slowly moves towards the shop again. But he manages to stop it. Many people start coming towards the shop to help the people. The tractor driver escapes from the scene as soon as people start gathering. Police have filed a complaint against the tractor driver.

A local resident who was standing in front of the shop, waiting for the bus, came in the way and took the full impact of the crash. He was taken to a government hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for his injuries. The Man suffered internal injuries as well. A shop assistant, Rohinder Sharanagat, also suffered minor injuries in the incident, which destroyed a laptop and a table in the store.

It is a miracle that the person did not die on the spot after the incident even though the tractor hit him head first.

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