Man Swept Away In Fast Current While Trying To Film TikTok Video, Footage Surfaces

A video is doing rounds on the internet where a man is seen swimming against a fast current in a river and gets swept away of the ledge. He was trying to swim into a cave. The video was taken by the man’s wife. He almost drowned in the water but luckily survived. The incident took place in Mexico.

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The video shows the man trying to swim against the current into the cave. He asks his wife to shoot the video on the mobile phone for a Tiktok video. Then tries hard at first and fails to swim due to the fast current which is pushing him in the opposite direction. He tries to get back by holding onto a rock but it slips in his hand. The current pushes him off the ledge while the wife keeps on recording. She keeps on shouting “dani” which is the man’s name. Even after falling off, the woman keeps on screaming to see if he is safe and alive.

To their luck, he was found later at the bottom with a huge skin tear on his back and arms. This makes one think if it was worth it for a Tiktok video. Risking the life of the loved one for a video where random people see. This couple was lucky but the next one might not be so fortunate.

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