Massive Crash Including Over 100 Vehicles on Icy Texas Interstate

One of the worst crash took place along Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, Texas. Over 100 vehicles crashed into each other due to the icy road which made their breaks vunerable. Six people were killed in the accident and over 100 were injured. It took a long time for the police and ambulance to arrive with the icy roads.

Watch the video here :

The video shows multiple vehicles coming towards the crash point where a few vehicles have already crashed and stopped. The truck tries to apply breaks but the truck keeps on moving due to low friction in the tires from the icy road. A few vehicles crash in a similar way. Then, a large container vehicle comes at high speeds and ploughs through the cars causing some of them to jump into the air. People on the other side of the intersection took videos from their phones.

The morning footage from a helicopter shows the disaster that caused over 100 vehicles to pile up on each other. The traffic has been diverted into another lane. 6 people have died in the incident. Multiple police cars are seen on the spot trying to help more people trapped in the pile-up. Many people took to the internet to pray for the victims and their families after the devastating incident.

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