A Man’s Skin Scalped To The Bone By Monkey

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a monkey is seen sitting on top of a man while he talks to it in a friendly manner. The monkey grabs the man’s head and tears off the skin by biting it with its teeth and runs away. A large part of the man’s forehead is seen along with part of the bone as well. The incident took place somewhere in India.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a middle-aged man sitting in a public space while a monkey stands on his lap. The man is seen talking something to the monkey. There are a few locals and kids nearby watching the man. The monkey listens for a while. Then it gets up and holds the man’s shoulder with its two paws. The man keeps on talking to it instead of pushing it away. The children nearby laugh at the incident. The monkey suddenly gets aggressive and bites the man’s forehead and tears the skin to the bone. The children scream and run away after seeing the aggressive monkey.

The man gets up to see what happened. A man records the incident nearby. A large part of his skin was ripped by the monkey. One can never expect what a wild monkey might do. It’s better to stay far away as possible. The man did not suffer any internal injuries but was taken to the hospital and bandaged. He might not go near a monkey for a while.

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