Mother and son trapped underneath 4 tonnes of steel

A CCTV footage which was recorded in the city of Xinghua in Jiangsu Province on December 8 has been doing rounds on the internet where 4 tonnes of steel plates fall on a mother and son who were counting them. Villages quickly come to help them. They removed the plates as quickly as possible which saved both the mother and son’s lives.

Watch the video here :

The video shows the duo counting the plates together while holding them with their body weight. The plates suddenly slip and fall on them. As they fall on the wall beside them, four tonnes of steel plates fall on their chest. Both of them scream with excruciating pain as it was a very huge weight of steel plates. Nearby people who heard the shout for help or saw the incident from surveillance rushed to help. They were no able to lift the steel plates in time, so they called the villagers.

Over 20 villagers immediately showed up to help them. They quickly worked together to remove the plates. Both the mother and the son escaped from the accident without any life-threatening injuries. They were alive because of the quick actions of the villagers. This video has gone viral on social media after people started sharing the amazing rescue by the villagers.

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