Mother dog fights off leopard but loses her babies

A horrifying CCTV footage has been doing rounds on the internet where a Mother dog fights off a leopard. The heartrending moment was captured by a CCTV camera at a facility owned by Indian Oil Corporation at Baikathol near Karwar in Karnataka on October 17. Even after putting up a fight, the leopard takes away the puppies.

The CCTV video shows a leopard slowly coming towards a street dog and her puppies from around a corner. The mother dog and the puppies are seen sleeping peacefully. The leopard attempts to take the puppies without alerting the mother. It slowly puts its head near the puppies to grab it with its mouth. But the mother of the puppies suddenly wakes up and starts biting the leopard.

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Both the animals have a big fight after which the leopard goes away. The mother dog chases the leopard to make sure it does not come back. As soon as the mother was gone, the leopard comes back and steals the puppies by picking them up and running away.

Local residents said a leopardess was frequently sighted in the area a year ago with two cubs. The cubs may have grown up enough to carry out the attack on their own. Even though the Mother dog fights off the leopard, she lost two of them. The encounters are common in that area as it is near to a forest and is easy for finding prey to wild animals.

Leopards are really dangerous animals and most of them stay in the wild such as in forests. The locals in the area where the incident took place have seen multiple leopards roaming around in the locality. The leopard had two cubs that grew up so that it could start hunting on its own. Some of the citizens suggest that this might be one of those cubs.

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