One on One Fists Fight Interrupted By Man Stabbing Person To Death, Video Surfaces

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where two people are seen fighting each other with their fists while a man with a white shirt and a bag waits to stab one of the men to death. The incident escalated when the man took out a knife while the other two were fighting. The place where it took place is Unknown.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the two men fighting and kicking each other while the other man watches nearby. People pass by as the two men fight with their fists. A man in a building nearby recorded the incident on his mobile phone. After fighting for a while, they both fall to the ground while fighting. The man with the white t-shirt takes out a knife and starts stabbing one of them. The crowd does not see the knife for a while. Then they start shouting at the man to stop. The other man gets up and takes his bag and runs away.

The man keeps on stabbing the man in the back even after he loses consciousness. The people nearby run away from the incident. After stabbing multiple times, the man walks away leaving the man to die on the road.

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