New Diamond Battery To Last 28,000 Years, Powered With Nuclear Waste

We use batteries in almost every appliance or gadget in our homes. The max a phone can stay alive without charging is for 1-2 days in average circumstances. What if a Diamond Battery could power our phone until we die. Never have to worry about cables and wireless charging pads. This is the dream. A US-based startup is working to make this dream a reality. They combined radioactive isotopes from nuclear waste to create very slim layers of nanodiamonds which is a battery that will last up to 28,000 years.

When Will The Battery Be Available To Consumers?

The Diamond Battery will be available to consumers by 2023. Even though it is in the testing stages right now, the company said that they have achieved some great results over the years. It was first presented in 2016 by scientists from the University of Bristol using waste graphite blocks. This is a revolutionary technology that will change the way we use electronic devices.

Is it safe to use?

The Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) says that its radioactive battery is “completely safe” for humans and it also hopes to start selling the battery to commercial partners soon. The consumer version can be used in electric cars which can be driven for a decade without ever needing to charge it. It can be implemented smartphones which won’t need a charge until many generations. It uses radioactive waste graphite in very thin layers which act as a semiconductor and heat sink. The diamond layers not only collect charge but also prevent radiation leakage. This saves the environment from the disposal of millions of batteries

Technology Behind The Battery

Each battery will contain a single crystalline diamond which absorbs energy from the isotopes. Diamonds are rare and have the highest energy-conductivity, which means it will quickly transfer heat from the radioactive graphite–and the transaction is so quick that it generates electricity. This electricity is a lot more efficient than the current generation of betteries.

The startup has not yet created the battery but have a proof of concept called “Diamond Nuclear Voltaic”. The proof of concept might become a reality in the coming years.

Do you think this batteries will change our life? Is it a good idea? Tell us in the comments below?

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