Best Low-Interest Credit Cards In 2022

For someone who carries a balance from month to month, a low-interest credit card is usually a suitable choice. A low-interest card might be able to help you save money on your monthly payments. For someone who carries a balance from month to month, a low-interest card is usually a suitable choice. Some low-interest credit cards provide a 0% introductory rate, while others offer a low ongoing rate. However, keep in mind that qualifying for these cards usually necessitates a descent to an exceptional credit score. Here is the list of the best low-interest credit cards.

HDFC Bank Infinia

The HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card is a super-premium card that is only available to a small group of customers who have received a special invitation from HDFC Bank. This credit card is designed for high-net-worth people (HNIs) and offers perks in a variety of areas, including travel, rewards, shopping, eating, and more.

YES FIRST Exclusive

The YES FIRST Exclusive Credit Card is ideal for regular travelers because it includes a complimentary Priority Pass and Luxury Hotel Membership. Its advantages are enhanced by bonus prizes for joining and renewing. 

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite

Vistara Airlines has partnered with us to launch this card. People who prefer to travel with Vistara Airlines will benefit the most from the card. As a welcome feature, the card gives premium business tickets as well as Club Vistara Silver membership. Golf offers and complimentary lounge access are just a few of the perks. The Burgundy Private Credit Card from Axis Bank is designed for high-net-worth individuals (HNI). Burgundy Private clients receive the card free of charge. It provides a number of advantages to its customers, including no foreign transaction fees and unrestricted lounge access at domestic and international airports. 

Axis Bank Magnus

The Axis Bank Magnus credit card is a premium card that provides numerous perks in the areas of travel, lifestyle, entertainment, health and wellness, and more. There are no fees for cash withdrawals with this card.

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