Papadum Song Goes Viral On Twitter

The Internet is a weird place, anything can happen. A bizarre song called Papadum has been doing rounds on the internet after it went viral. The video was shared on Twitter by a user named Pran Patel. It has raked in millions of views. Many Indians are protesting against it as it is about an Indian snack called Papadam. Many people showed their humor towards the bizarre children’s songs on such a topic.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a desi Indian woman along with a few foreigners dancing along to the song. It goes on with the word Papadum throughout the video. All the people in the video hold a Papadum in their hands while singing. The Indian woman in a saree does not sing anything but only dances to the movements. Many users were concerned about the woman’s constant smile throughout the video. She is not seen with her mouth closed even once in the video song.

This video did not go well with the Indian Twitter community. Many of them were offended as the video was representing a popular Indian snack. Some users wrote, ” Why the hell did they make something like this?”. While another user wrote, ” The horror is real, cannot watch this!”.

Check out some of the reactions here :

The song was written released in 2014 by The Wiggles which is an Australian’s music group. The video went viral after 6 whole years because one user decided to share it to the Indian community. A member of the group apologized and wrote this on twitter “I wrote the song, and directed the clip in 2014 (which was meant as a celebration). It was not my intention to be culturally insensitive to the Indian community, or to add value to ethnic stereotyping. Apologies.”

While some of them though it was offensive, most of them laughed as it was a funny representation on Papadum.

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