People Rescue Cow Stuck in a Pond Using a Crane in Rajasthan, Video Surfaces

A video has surfaced on Youtube where a cow that was stuck in a pond was rescued by the locals. The video shows the poor cow stuck in a pond covered with weeds and grass, which caved in under the weight of the animal. A passerby in Jhalwar town in Rajasthan saw the cow hanging on to its dear life on October 21. He called Goputra Sena, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, whose members led by Vinit Torwal went to spot.

Watch the video here :

The video first shows the water which is covered with a ton of weed and leaves. The cow can be slightly seen through the leaves. A person hanging from a crane using a strap is taken down into the water where the cow was stuck. The cow can be seen struggling left and right while trying to break free from the weed. Two men are seen strapping the black cow to the crane using straps. After tightly strapping and making sure it does not come loose. The crane lifts up the cow along with the two men who hold on to the strap while coming up.

The cow is slowly lowered onto the road. While doing so, one of the men holding on to the strap slips and falls down. He gets up and lowers the cow down. The cow was successfully rescued from the water in which it could have died. All this is because one of the person saw the cow struggling while he was walking by.

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