Photographer Gets Beaten By Groom For Getting Too Close To Bride

A funny clip of a groom beating a photographer for getting too close to the bride during a wedding has gone viral on social media. Netizens thought it to be very funny. Wedding photoshoots are getting unique day by day. This one guy took it too far. The video was shared by the Twitter Id “Renuka Mohan” which gained over 800 thousand views and 1500 comments.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the photographer taking pictures of the bride. The groom moves away so that she can be in the frame. The photographer slowly moves towards the bride and keeps taking photos. He moves so near that the lens of the camera almost touches her face. The groom beats him on the back and tells him to get away from her. The bride who sees this falls down and laughs a lot. The photographer is seen laughing as well. The bride keeps on laughing for over 25 seconds. She later gets up and sets herself to make sure she is fine.

This video has gained over 800,000 views on Twitter and 1500+ comments. People started commenting on how funny the video was. Others commented that it might be staged or fake. What do you think?

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