Police Bodycam Shows Knife-Wielding Man Attack Officer After Getting Shot

The bodycam footage of an Athens officer in Georgia was released where both he and his partner were attacked by a man with a knife. The man repeatedly shouted to kill him but the officers resisted until the last second. After charging onto his partner, they shoot the man multiple times. Even though, the man gets up and tries to take the officer hostage. He later died due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows two officers pointing their guns at a man who is holding a knife in his hands. The police officers repeatedly tell the man to put the knife down but the man does not listen to them. He keeps on approaching them and telling them to “Do It”(Shoot). After reaching close to the second officer, he charges towards him. The officers shoot him a couple of times. He falls to the ground and gets up again. The officer gets taken hostage as he holds him by the neck but the officer gets free after which multiple shots were fired at him. He died on the spot.

This incident took places in Athens, Georgia. Police were eager for the public to see what their officers sometimes face, have released bodycam video of a dramatic attack on an officer by a man armed with a knife. Despite multiple pleas, the man refused to drop his weapon and was ultimately shot dead as he attacked. Some of the images in this video may be disturbing.

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