Powdered Monster Tissue Witcher 3 Guide

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most popular games in the last few years. There are a few difficult quests such as the powdered monster tissue witcher 3. Yet, there are tons of various making materials in this game. Figuring out them to discover what you require can be very troublesome. Frequently you’ll see that you require a specific beast part to make a thing, yet you don’t have it with you. Far more detestable, discovering an adversary that drops that material can be almost inconceivable. This guide, specifically, is about the uncommon Witcher 3 Powdered Monster Tissue, and we’ll tell you the best way to discover it in the game world.

Powdered Monster Tissue is a Relic level material that can be incredibly difficult to find. You may discover some of it out in the wild by some coincidence, or a couple of units may appear in a trader’s shop. It that all relies upon your karma.

A more dependable technique for sourcing this thing is to go chasing for it, however, that obviously accompanies a touch of time speculation. However, at any rate, there’s no mystery engaged with this cycle in light of the fact that lone a chosen handful of beasts yield Witcher 3 Powdered Monster Tissue.

The list below shows all creatures that fit these criteria:

  • Gargoyles – Drop Gargoyle Hearts and Gargoyle Dust.
  • Griffins – Drop Griffin Feathers.
  • Specters – Drop Specter Dust.
  • Shaelmaars – Drop Shaelmaar Dust (Exclusive to the Blood and Wine DLC).

After acquiring these monster parts, they can be dismantled into Powdered Monster Tissue.

How To Extract Powdered Monster Tissue

To get the Powdered Monster Tissue from these crude beast parts, you need to take them to a metalworker in any significant settlement in the game. When in doubt, it’s favored that you simply go to Master Smiths on the off chance that you need to create something of a high position.

Communicate with the NPC, and go into the ‘Destroy’ tab in the shop menu. Presently discover the parts named in the rundown above and deconstruct them to get Powdered Monster Tissue.

Additionally, make sure that you have sufficient cash with you when separating a lot of beast parts. The more extraordinary the segment, the more it expenses to destroy. What’s more, in case you’re not cautious, you can wind up burning through many crowns all at once.

Powdered monster tissue can drop from the following monsters:

  • Earth elemental (10%)
  • Gargoyle (5%)
  • Golem (3%)
  • Ifrit (3%)
  • Leshen (25%)
  • Lycanthrope (2%)
  • Simulakrum (3%)
  • Tangalore (15%)
  • Werewolf (2%)
  • Woodland Spirit (15%)

Powdered monster tissue is obtained from dismantling the following ingredients:

  • Gargoyle dust
  • Gargoyle heart
  • Griffin feathers
  • Specter dust

It can also be used to craft the following items:

  • Lesser Veles runestone
  • Feline armor
  • Feline silver sword – mastercrafted
  • Griffin gauntlets
  • Enhanced Griffin gauntlets
  • Griffin silver sword – superior
  • Griffin steel sword – enhanced
  • Ursine silver sword
  • Wolven gauntlets
  • Enhanced Wolven gauntlets
  • Wolven silver sword – superior
  • Wolven steel sword – enhanced

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