Python Rescued After Swallowing A Prey, Video Goes Viral

A really huge python was rescued in Uttar Pradesh by the forest officials. The animal was not able to move after eating large prey. It ate prey which is bigger than it’s own size which caused the problem. The video has gone viral after it was posted on social media.

Check out the Video Here :

(wait 3 Seconds for video to load)

Rescuing the Python
Python eating a calf

The first video shows the animal struggling to move and breathe as well. Only the front part of the body is seen moving while the area where the prey inside the stomach is very still. A lot of people are seen gathering around the snake but not going too near since its dangerous. The video shows the python slowing being placed in a tractor using ropes to lift it. 3 people lift it together. A python weighs a lot and the added weight of the prey makes it huge to lift by one person.

The second video shows the python swallowing the prey in whole. More than 60% of the calf’s body is inside the python while the legs are standing out. The video shows the python struggling a lot to eat it.

According to the locals, they were very frightened when they saw the huge python on the roadway. The python was found in Sihari village of the Rampur district. After the people took the python away in the tractor. The python was rescued and later released it a nearby forest far from the civilians.

Interesting facts about pythons :
  1. Pythons kill their prey by squeezing them until they stop breathing.
  2. Some pythons only eat 4-5 times a year. It digests a large prey for weeks or months
  3. In captivity, Pythons may live up to 40 years.
  4. These snakes are mostly found in Africa and Asia tropical regions.

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