Rash Driver Crashes Into Bike In Nizamabad

A CCTV video has been doing rounds on the internet where a jeep crashes into two people on a bike from behind and goes straight into a hotel without stopping. An old man sitting in the hotel died on the spot while two children escaped by a fraction of a second. The driver of the jeep was said to be drunk while driving. One of the two people on the bike died while treating for injuries in the hospital.

Watch the video here :

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The CCTV video shows two angles of the road where the incident took place. The road is seen to be empty when the two people on the bike slowly ride over. A jeep suddenly hits them from behind causing both the men on the bike to lose control and fall under the tires of the jeep. The jeep does not stop and goes over the men and crashes into a hotel in front of them. An old man sitting in the hotel was hit by the car at very high speeds causing him to die on the spot. People from all over come to help the injured people. The local people capture the driver until the police came and arrested him.

The injured driver of the bike was taken to the hospital where he died while being treated for injuries. All this has happened because the driver was drunk driving which is a very serious crime in India.

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