RPF constable saves woman from being crushed under a train at Mumbai’s railway station

A shocking video has been doing rounds on the internet where CCTV footage shows a woman being saved from being crushed by an RPF constable. The incident has occurred in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar railway station. The reason for her to be alive is because of the alertness of the RPF constable. Many people on social media have been praising the constable who saved the woman’s life.

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The video shows a woman walking on the railway platform while the train beside her is stationary. Multiple people can be seen on the platform as well. As she walks, the train suddenly starts and moves across the track. The shocked woman runs towards the train to get onto it. She gets on while holding the handlebars attached to the train. But unfortunately, as she puts her foot on the train, it slips and makes her fall dangerously near to the train. Her legs can be seen touching the train as it passes by. An RPF constable who was behind her acts quickly to save her. He pulls her away from the train while other lookers see it happen in astonishment.

The video was seen by many netizens online. Most of them praised the RPF constable while others scolded the woman and her hastiness which almost killed her life. But it was a good thing the constable was near her to save her life.

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