Russian Youtuber Burns 2.42 Crore Mercedes Benz Car

People do all kinds of things to get the attention of fans from all over the world. A Russian YouTuber Mikhail Litvin who is also known as Misha has taken it to the next level by lighting his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S worth Rs 2.42 crore on fire. The video has gone viral with over 12 million views on Youtube. The Russian Youtuber has over 5 million subscribers. The reason for burning his car was that he claimed it had multiple problems that the local dealer wouldn’t fix. Some say it’s a publicity stunt.

Watch the video here :

The video shows cinematic footage of the car being brought to a field. Some of the footage was shot through a drone. It shows different angles of the costly car along with the interiors. The Youtuber takes out a few kerosine cases from the back of the car. He starts pouring it on the car and the insides as well. Before Lighting up the car, he eats a small snack of barbequed sausage with the equipment as well. He pours a path across the field and lights it up with a lighter. The car is shown blown up in flames with drone shots shown from above.

The reason for burning the car was that it had many problems with it shown in his previous videos. He claimed that the local dealer could not fix the issues with the car. People across the internet started sharing their views on the incident. Many were angry that he wasted a lot of money by burning it. While others wanted to know the actual issues with the car.

The video has gone viral with over 12 million views on Youtube.

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