“Sing Along” 4-Year-Old Singing “Vande Mataram” Goes Viral

A video of a very cute girl from Mizoram with an amazing voice singing “Vande Mataram” has been doing rounds on the internet. People from all over the world are praising the girl who sung it as a sing along. Many netizens in India are showing their respect towards her and the proud moment for the Indian nation.

Watch the video here :
sing along on “Vande Mataram”

The video shows the little girl holding an Indian flag while singing the song. Many kids are seen behind her waving flags proudly in the air. Drone footages of a car going are also shown along with the girl sing along. A bridge is shown in the video. At about 25 seconds, a group of tribal people is shown doing some kind of dance.

The video was shared by the chief minister of Mizoram, India. The video has gone viral with over 600,000 views on Twitter alone. The tweet was retweeted by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Sir. Many people started sing along on the singing of the girl. Many netizens commented their expressions towards the video.

Here are some of the comments :

What did you think of the sing along? Was it beautiful? Tell us in the comment section below.

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