Skater Snaps His Ankle While Doing Stunt

A video has been doing rounds on social media where a man is seen trying to do a trick with his skateboard by jumping over stairs in a park. Another skater recorded the video on his mobile phone. The skater jumps and accidentally misses the skateboard and breaks his ankle. He was taken to the hospital and treated for a serious injury.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the skater coming from a far distance to gain speed over the jump. A nearby skater recorded the stunt on his mobile phone. As the skater reaches the stairs, he jumps a far distance but misses the board by a few inches. The foot of the skater hits the concrete at a wrong angle and snaps off his ankle. The video shows the incident in slow motion as well.

The skater was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for serious injuries. Many skaters face a lot of injuries while skating and doing stunts. It is important to have safety gear on at times like these. It is not known where this incident took place.

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