Machine Gun Celebratory Fire Goes Wrong

Whenever handling guns, it is important to make sure to follow all the rules and regulations. Without doing so, any number of serious accidents can take place. A similar incident took place where a man fired a machine gun into the sky in a celebratory fire. The gun accidentally turns down and shot two people. One man died on the spot while the other was taken to the hospital.

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The video shows multiple people shooting their guns into the air to celebrate some victory. A man sets up a huge machine gun with an ammo cartridge. The man holds it into the sir and starts firing. After a while, the gun misfires and hits two people standing nearby. One person was hit in the head and the other in the chest. They were immediately taken to the hospital.

One person survived the incident while the other did not. The man holding the gun was arrested by the local police. A case has been registered as accidental death by the cops.

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