Students Fall From 4th Floor After Railing Collapses in University, Video Surfaces

Seven students have been affirmed dead and four others have been hospitalized with serious wounds after they tumbled from a fourth-floor overhang when a railing broke at a college in Bolivia. The video was recorded by bystanders as the horrific incident took place. This took place in El Alto, outside La Paz, Bolivia’s capital.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows many students waiting outside a room in a small area. People are seen pushing each other against the rail. A person on the opposite side took the video on his phone. The rail could not handle the weight of all those students and suddenly broke on the fourth floor. Multiple people have fallen down to their death while others survived the incident with serious injuries. Seven university students died from the incident.

The video shows the heroic efforts of other students who grabbed the students who were about to fall and saved their life. People on the internet praised them for their bravery. It is not known as to why they gathered at the place. The victims were identified as Raúl Cadena; Genio Mamani; Saúl Mamani; Daniel Rodríguez; Anahí Chipana; Loida Sosa; and Tania Roque, according to Bolivia’s Special Force to Fight Crime.

Bolivian Police chief, Colonel Jhonny Aguilera, told reporters that the students’ cause of death was ‘multiple defenestration trauma.’

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