Guy Hits Head During Dance On Stage

It is very important to be careful when doing dance steps which can cause serious injuries or even death. A similar incident took place where a guy is seen doing a dance on stage. He hits his head after a friend jumps on him. He seizures from it. He was taken to the hospital and stabilized.

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The video was taken by one of the audience members on his mobile phone. The man hits his head on the stage during a dance trick. The man seizures on the stage. The curtains were closed and immediately taken to the hospital. He was stabilized and had a brain injury from the incident.

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Best Online MBA Colleges For October

There are many people who are interested in business or want to take over their father’s business and make it a bigger success. For this, it is very important to have some sort of specific education such as an MBA. Many students who study it have a better understanding of the skills and other useful stuff. Here we give the top three online MBA colleges.

Top Three Online MBA Colleges

Cameron University School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Cameron University offers understudies an uncommon, online MBA through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. This program holds regarded accreditation through the ACBSP, and U.S. News and World Report presently position the online program among the best in the country. This 31 credit hour program comprises 23 hours of center business courses and nine hours of electives, and can for the most part be finished in a few years by full-time understudies. Center courses incorporate Business Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Management Information Systems, and Human Resource Management/Organizational Management.

2. University of Washington

The Hybrid MBA Program is a work-viable, all-day alternative from the highest level. Licensed University of Washington Foster School of Business. Instructed by Foster’s great MBA personnel, this two-year, group-based intuitive program is intended for mid-vocation experts. They need adaptability not offered by customary programs. The first of its sort offered by Foster, the Hybrid consolidates the thoroughness and notoriety of a Foster MBA. The advantageous timetable of online coursework and quarterly in-person meetings. Made to fit a bustling way of life, the Hybrid empowers working guardians, continuous business voyagers, and youthful experts to realize where they are…

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