Javelin Throw Hits Man’s Chest

It is important to make sure people are careful on the ground where javelin sticks are thrown by professional athletes. These sharp rods go at very high speeds and far distances. An incident took place where an athlete threw a javelin rod onto the ground but instead hit a man on the field in the chest. He was immediately taken to the hospital for treating the injury.

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The video shows the spectators watching the athletes throw the javelin stick as far as possible. A contestant named Laukkanen started his throw by running from a distance. His throw went a long way. A man who was distracted on the field did not see the rod coming towards him. It hit him directly in the chest. He suddenly removed it and started feeling the pain.

He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. This took place a long time ago which is why the camera quality was low at the time.

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