Kid On Scooter Accident

It is important to make sure small kids never run into traffic even though they might try. Severe accidents can take place if parents are not careful with their children. A similar incident took place where two kids ride their bicycle and scooter into traffic. They ride into the heavy traffic without looking. One of the kids gets run over by a yellow truck. The kid had multiple broken bones from the accident.

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The video shows the two children riding their bicycle and scooter on the road. They move towards the heavy traffic road. The big kid with the bicycle manages to cross the road. But as the small kid sits on the scooter and pushes himself, a car runs over him. The car tires ran over the kid’s chest and stomach causing multiple fractures.

He was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for severe injuries. The kid had multiple surgeries in the hospital. The local police has registered a case against the driver of the yellow vehicle.

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