Tiger Attacks Trainer During Circus Show In China

A Terrifying video has been doing rounds on the internet where a trained tiger suddenly attacks the trainer while he was doing some tricks to impress the audience sitting outside. The video was filmed in the city of Yuncheng in Shanxi Province on December 11th. When the tiger pins the trainer to the ground, three other staff come to rescue the trainer from the aggressive tiger.

Watch the video here

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The video shows a tiger climbing down a slide while multiple trainers are inside the cage along with him. A lot of audiences are seen outside the cages watching with astonishment. The tiger goes behind a trainer and jumps him causing him to fall to the ground. Other trainers rush towards him to help him escape from the huge tiger. The tiger tries to maul the trainer’s face but the other employee holds a stick in the mouth of the tiger to make sure it does not bite anyone. It jumps on the employee to remove the stick.

The tiger does not move from the top of the trainer for a long time. It did not do much harm as well since it was a trained tiger. After a while, the tiger moves away while the employee beats him with a stick to move him further away from the trainer. The trainer jumps up and moves to safety. The people suffered minor injuries. The police came to the spot to help them.

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