Dinner With Family Goes Wrong

One should always be careful with fire. It is a very dangerous tool that can cause harm. An incident took place where a family of five is sitting at a table to eat. Suddenly an explosion takes place. All of the people run away from the fire. They can all be seen caught on fire. All of the family members survived second and third-degree burns.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the family sitting at a table and eating together. Two children eat while standing. After a while, the man pours some liquid into the center where a fire is present. This causes an explosion which threw the people back from the table. The man tries to get out through the window while all the others go out through the door.

The neighbors helped in putting out the fire. All five members were taken to the hospital and treated for second and third-degree burns. It is not know how the explosion took place.

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