Toddler Gets Hanged By Neck in Lift, Sister Saves Him

A young girl in Turkey is being hailed on the internet for saving her sibling’s life after he unintentionally got himself swung from his neck on a toy rope inside a lift. The video has gone viral on social media showing the sister saving her brother from the rope. The little boy suffered minor injuries from the incident. This took place in Istanbul, Turkey.

Watch the video here :

The video shows a kid entering the lift while two others wait outside. As they enter the lift, one of the kid is seen with a toy rope hanging on the ground behind him. The rope end is seen outside while the kid is holding the other end from inside the lift. Suddenly the lift starts to move and the rope gets caught on the boy’s neck. The sister immedietly press the stop and return button while trying to remove the rope strangling her brother. The lift slowly comes back to the same floor and the doors open. She removes the rope from the kids neck and pushes him behind her.

People across the internet have been praising the young girl for her quick action in saving her brother’s life. If not for her, he might not be alive right now. The whole incident took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Parents should never let the kids go on the elevators by themselves as many accidents happened in the past.

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