Top 5 Single Player Games Of All Time

There are many games in the world right now in different genres. But only some of them are loved by all. Whether it is an adventure, action, or any other category. These are the top 5 single player games according to us.

5. Beyond Two Souls
Beyond Two Souls Trailer – Playstation

This is one of a kind game that started the story-driven games. The game is about a young girl who has a special entity stuck with her since her birth. She is raised by a scientist who performs experiments on her. We play as both the girl and the entity throughout the game. The story is very good and has emotional moments as well. The whole game takes about ten hours to finish but might take longer on how you play.

Available : PC, PS3, PS4
4. Quantum Break
Quantum Break Trailer – IGN

This is one of those games where reality and time combine to create something new. The story revolves around a guy whose brother creates a time machine to go back. After traveling through the machine, the hero gets a superpower where he can stop time and move quickly. Using these powers, we defeat the enemies of a businessman and friend. They included a TV series into the game as well which is new.

Available : PC, Xbox
3. GTA 5
GTA 5 Trailer – GTA Series Videos

This is a game almost everyone knows about. It is one of the best-selling games of all time. Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar games is a really good story-driven game. The story revolves around four characters who’s lives interact with each other. We play as them while being able to switch between characters as well. It has great activities such as shooting, driving, and running chapters. It has a great online mode a well which is still played by millions.

Available : PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4
2. Just Cause 3
Just cause 3 story trailer

Want a game with the most action-packed, then this is the choice for you. Just Cause 3 is an extraordinary game on-air slinging, guns blazing, and rocket booster sorts of things. The story revolves around a guy who tries to kill bad guys who try to take over the world. Air slinging is one of the most loved features of the game.

Available : PC, Xbox, PS4
1. Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs Trailer – Gamespot

The reason why we kept Sleeping Dogs as the top game of all times is that it is the most underrated game. It may have not sold as many copies as GTA 5 but the fighting mechanisms, the story is very unique in this game. The story revolves around different gangs in china town where the hero joins a gang and wars take place. The fighting style is very much loved by the people who played this game. The story takes approximately 15 hours to complete but with the side missions, the length may vary.

Available : PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xobx 360

These are the top 5 single player games of all times according to us.

Here are some honorable mentions :
  1. Assassin’s Creed Series
  2. Detroit Become Human
  3. Far Cry Series
  4. Watch Dogs 1 & 2
  5. Read Dead Redemption 2

Any great ones you consider? Post it in the comments or send it to us at

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