Top 5 TV Shows to Watch During Lockdown

Everyone loves TV shows. Maybe its because we can binge watch it with not having it over very quickly. Or the detailed story which is better than the movies. TV shows have been with us since the 1900s. They are as important as Hollywood movies. There are a few TV shows that have die hard fans. You might have missed one of these. So here are the top 5 TV shows to watch during the lockdown.

5. Stranger Things

This is one TV show that is beloved by many. It is an American drama film with supernatural stuff going on throughout the show. It is about 4 kids who meet a girl named eleven. She has superpowers like lifting stuff and others. One kid goes to an alternate world which is the dark side. It is about how they get him back. The show has a lot of exciting activities which keep us at the edge of our seats. It has completed 3 seasons and is currently shooting the 4th one. If you like monsters, don’t forget to watch this one.

4. Lost

Lost is a TV show that happened between 2004 to 2010. It is about a group of people who survived a plane crash on a deserted island. It shows the way they survive in the wild and connects as a family. It has both action and emotion scenes packed together in one. The story revolves around a doctor who was one of the passengers in the plane crash. The way he helps all the survivors and becomes the family doctor. There are many different characters such as a fat guy, a prisoner, an army guy, and others. If you like adventure, do watch this one.

3. How i met your mother

Do you love comedy sitcoms? Then this is one for you. It is one of the funniest TV shows on the internet. It is about a group of friends living together and their lifestyle. The main lead Ted meets a girl named Robin. The show starts uniquely with him telling his story to his children about how he met their mother, hence the name. The characters are loved by many in this show.

2. Big Bang Theory

Love science, geeky nerds, and comedy? This TV show is all that put together. It’s about a group of young scientists who go on with their daily lives. The main character named Sheldon is a person who cannot understand people’s feelings and does not know how to behave properly due to his extraordinary smartness. He and his friend Leonard stay together. They meet a girl named Penny next door. The show went on for 12 whole seasons. It won many awards as well

1. Friends

This TV show became one of the biggest blockbusters in the TV world. It is about a group of friends who live near each other. The way the story is scripted makes you laugh out loud every few seconds. The show became such a hit that it is watched in many languages across the world. It became a classic for the comedy sitcoms. The characters Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey are very unique. Each character has its own thing that is funny. All put together made the best show of all time. If you had not watched this show, do watch it. Cause it is the 1st one to watch on everyone’s to-do list.

These are some of the best TV shows according to us at thisbulletin. Think we missed any? Send it to us at

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