Truck Crashes Into 12 Vehicles in Tamil Nadu

A shocking accident has taken place on Thoppur ghat road of the Salem-Bengaluru National Highway. A CCTV footage shows the incident where a truck plows through 12 cars, a minibus, and a bike on the highway. This is one of the worst accidents in history. 4 people died in the incident and 7 were seriously injured. Insurance is needed at times like this.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows vehicles stopped on one side of the road while the other side is free. Suddenly a truck plows into the vehicles without stopping at all. The small vehicles got crushed under the force of the truck. The incident took place at 4:15 pm on Saturday. People around were shocked after the truck crashed into the cars. The cars stopped because traffic police were trying to regulate traffic stuck at the junction.

The next video shows the aftereffect of the accident. A lot of crushed cars are seen with some cars on top of others. The people who were injured in the incident were taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital while the dead people were tried to bring back to life through CPR techniques.

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