Truck Drives Into Crowd In Freak Accident

A shocking CCTV video has been doing rounds on the internet where a truck drives into a crowd of people at great speeds causing serious injuries and a few deaths as well. The accident took place on a highway at Siddipet. Only a few minutes ago, another accident took place. The crowd on the highway were looking at the casualties when this happened, This is one of the worst accidents in the place’s history. A total of 12 people were injured and 5 people have died.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a group of people standing on the highway looking at an accident that occurred a few minutes before the other one. A car accident took place first where three people in a car died. As the police came to the spot and the crowd grew big to check out the accident casualties. Just a few minutes later, a truck coming from a long distance is seen. It isn’t going at high speeds as well. As it reaches the accident spot, it overtakes a car and driving straight into the crowd to watch the first accident. A police officer is seen injured from the truck as well.

No one would have expected a second accident to happen at the same place. The driver of the truck fled the spot and a search to capture the driver is going on. In total, 5 people have died from the two accidents which took place simultaneously. Among the 12 injured, one person is in critical condition. The others, including the police officials, are out of danger, said the ACP.

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