Two class 12 students marry in classroom in AP

A shocking video has been doing rounds on the internet where two students, a boy, and a girl are seen marrying each other in a classroom in their college, The video shows the boy tying the “mangalsutra” to the girl’s neck and placing a “bottu” on her forehead which is traditional in Indian marriages. The whole video was recorded by her friend who spoke in between the marriage. This incident took place took place on November 17 n Rajahmundry Junior college (AP) and the principal removed both of them from college and issued transfer certificates.

Watch the video here

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The video taken by the friend shows the class 12 student tying the knot to the girl while she stands still. This took place in an empty classroom while no one was present. The girl says not to tie the knot too many times and also asks him to do it quickly because they were afraid that someone might come and see them. He also puts sindoor on her forehead and plants a small kiss. The students were only in the intermediate 2nd year and this video was seen by the principal and their parents. They were shocked after seeing the incident that took place inside a classroom.

The principal removed both of them from college and issued transfer certificates. Since it was a very big mistake to do it inside a classroom, he did not give a chance for them. Their parents were in dilemma on not knowing what to do with the kids. Students nowadays are going to great extent to fall in love and get married as soon as possible.

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