Two Girls Attacked By Guard Dog In Birmingham England, CCTV Video Surfaces

The CCTV footage of a street where a guard dog escaped, attacked two girls who were walking with their mother on the same street. The dog did not let go of them even after the mother tries multiple times to stop the aggressive dog from attacking. People nearby came to help and took the girl away from the dog. The CCTV video has been doing rounds on the internet. The incident took place in Birmingham England.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a mother and her two small children walking down the street. The guard dog follows them from behind as they cross the street. Suddenly, it runs towards them and tries to grab one of the two girls. The mother holds the children in the air while the dog attempts to bite them. One of the children falls to the ground. It starts attacking the child as the mother tries to push it away. After multiple failed attempts, the mother looks for help as the child helplessly struggles to break free.

Multiple people come and try to grab the child. One man starts hitting the dog to push it away and successfully grabs the child. The dog starts to look for the other child and starts to follow the mother. She runs away and the dog starts chasing her. The three-year-old suffered hand and leg injuries and the two-year-old sustained leg injuries and a number of scratches. None of the child’s condition was life-threatening. It was captured by the police and the investigation is ongoing.

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