Two Students Get Hit By Bike in Assam, Video Surfaces

A CCTV video has been doing rounds on the internet where two girls standing crossing a road get hit by a bike at a very fast speed which caused them to fall down and get seriously injured. The friends of the girls were standing right next to the two students when the accident happened. This incident took place in Tezpur (mission chariali) of Assam. Insurance is important at times like this.

Watch the video here :

The video shows a group of girls in uniform waiting on the side of the road while chit-chatting with each other. The vehicles on the road were stopped due to high traffic or signal. Two girls of the same uniform cross the road without looking both ways. A biker suddenly comes from the side of the road at very high speed which is dangerous since there are citizens nearby. Before the girls could react, the biker hits the girls with great force so that they fall down on the road. There are seen bleeding heavily from the accident. The girls nearby suddenly move back in shock from the incident.

An ambulance type of vehicle beside them, the driver gets down to help the girls. All this took place in Tezpur (mission chariali) of Assam. They were taken to the hospital to treat the injuries.

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