Ukrainian Model Livestreams Her Own Death in Drunk Drive Accident

A Livestream of a model drinking in her car while the driver(friend) drinks as well behind the wheel shows an accident taking place during the Livestream. They smashed head-on into a lamp-post since the friend was intoxicated. Sofia Magerko, who won a beauty contest in her home city of Izyum, was vlogging in the vehicle. Both of them died in the accident.

Watch the video here :

The video shows a girl singing a song on the radio in a very drunken state. They are seen holding alcohol and singing loudly into the camera. The friend who is driving the car looks into the camera instead of the road.  The road where they were driving did not have any street lights and the car was speeding. The high speed and their intoxicated state made them slow to react to the steel post. They crash into it while the girls start screaming. The phone falls out of the car and lands on the road. The phone records a lamp in the distance as it rests on the ground.

One girl died on the spot while another one lost her life while she was being transported to the hospital. The incident took place in Ukraine. It could have been avoided if they were not drunk and had a better concentration on the road rather than the Livestream.

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