10-year-old snowboarding prodigy becomes youngest to complete trick

After two days of trying, Eli Bouchard, a 10-year-old snowboarding prodigy from Canada, became the youngest to cleanly complete a Frontside 1080 Double Cork over the weekend at Stoneham Mountain Resort in Quebec.

YouTube video of the accomplishment posted Monday shows Bouchard falling several times before pulling off the stunt and celebrating with his coach, Max Henault, and family members.

“For the women at the last Olympic Games, the gold medal was won with this jump,” Francois Bouchard, Eli’s father, told Radio-Canada. “In addition to engaging a lateral rotation, you engage vertical rotations. Nobody does that at 10 years old.”

At age 8, Eli opened the eyes of the snowboarding world by completing a double backflip—becoming the youngest to do it—so these types of achievements aren’t new to him.

“I was really happy,” Eli told Radio-Canada of his weekend feat, the opportunity coming thanks to cold weather and a late snowfall. “I could not believe I had it.”

Eli said in the video he “slammed a couple of times” before successfully completing the trick he had been visualizing for a long time.

The video, which was uploaded Wednesday to YouTube, shows 8-year-old Canadian snowboarder Eli Bouchard trying multiple times to land the difficult maneuver at the Maximise Freestyle Performance Center in Quebec.

“Last week I was trying to backflip,” the miniature shredder tells the camera in the video. “I kept on falling, tried the double (backflip), and kept falling.”

“We had a snowstorm and [my coach] kept the powder in the landing,” Bouchard continues.

That decision ended up being a fortuitous one as the video shows Bouchard slamming headfirst into the landing multiple times, saved only by the copious amounts of snow from more serious injury.

“It was stressful,” Bouchard says. “But I listened to [my coach’s] advice, and the landing was soft.”


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