Video of building collapsing next to a woman in Hyderabad caught on CCTV

Shocking CCTV footage was released onto the internet where a woman nearly misses a catastrophic injury by a second. A woman was walking on the side of a road in the old city region of Hyderabad. The lady can be seen wearing a burqa while she is walking quickly on the road. It looks like she was in a hurry. Right after she crosses the building, it collapses on the street. If she had been fractions of a second slower, she could be seriously injured.

Check out the video here :

The building that collapsed is beside a temple in the old city. As soon as it collapses, a big cloud of dust and smoke fills the area. The incident occurred at 5:30 pm on Wednesday Evening. The authorities later came and cleared all the debris that was present on the road causing a traffic jam. The building was demolished entirely by the authorities.

It is a miracle on how the lady in the burqa did not get injured at all. People are sharing the video on social media a lot because of the shocking CCTV video. No casualties were recorded in the incident. This could have gone seriously wrong as well.

In another incident, due to the heavy rain in Hyderabad, a wall collapsed in Hyderabad’s Ghousenagar. This caused 8 people’s death. The rain pouring on the wall caused it to push over and fall on the people present. One was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital immediately.

The video shows multiple people trying to rescue those in the rubble from the wall. They search while holding flashlights as it is night time. A person seriously injured with blood on his face is seen carried outside to safety. Many people in Hyderabad is facing difficulties due to the rain. It is the highest it has ever been for a long time.

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