Video of Masked Men Sanitize Hands Before Robbing Jewelry Store Goes Viral

A video of three masked men entering a jewelry store in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, and robbing it has gone viral. The main reason behind it going viral is that the robbers have followed all the safety protocols such as wearing masks and sanitizing hands when entering the shop. All this for robbing the store and not buying anything.

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In the video, we can see that the robbers come in while there are other customers looking at the jewelry. The shopkeeper thinks that the men who have entered the shop are looking to buying something, so he offers them hand sanitizer to purify their hands. The robbers take it instead of refusing the hand sanitizer and cleanse their hands. Immediately after that, one of the men take out a gun and point it and the shop keeper and his assistant. The Shop keeper and the customers can be seen shocked in the CCTV video. Then they start taking the jewelry from the boxes and the ones out to display for the customers as well. The customers stay quiet while the robbers do their thing so that they don’t get any trouble. They take whatever they can quickly and get out of the shop. The shopkeeper quickly calls the police to report the robbery that has occurred.

The video has quickly gained many views on social media and other sites as there were amazed at how the robbers’ followers Covid-19 guidelines in Uttar Pradesh. Others have expressed their concern over the increasing crime rate in the state.

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Many people expressed their views towards the video about how the robbers have done it.

The three men seen in the video have not yet been apprehended and arrested by the Aligarh police. They have promised to take swift action in the case and assured that the accused will be arrested soon. This will be done using the CCTV footage received from the store. Information on how much worth of gold and silver they have stolen is not confirmed.

Uttar Pradesh

In 2018, Uttar Pradesh has reported the most crimes which are 11.5% of all crimes nationally reported. This has caused panic across the state. It has been slowly decreasing since then. In July 2020, The crime rate in UP is less than many states according to the NCRB data. The rate of murders in Uttar Pradesh is 1.8 per lakh population which is far below the national average of 2.2 per lakh population.

But what made this video viral is the care the robbers have taken towards following the Covid-19 guidelines by wearing masks and sanitizing hands. This made people astonished as many normal citizens are not following safety protocol but these people are.

Aligarh has the highest crime rate of 221.26 in statistics in 2013. The people of Aligarh are not new to the robberies since then. Aligarh has a population of 8.73 lakh people according to statistics from 2011.

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