Video Of Mother Duck Sacrificing Life to Save Ducklings from Snake Goes Viral

In every species, a mother is one who protects us and takes care of us. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for their offspring. In a similar way, A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a Snake tries to eat a duckling while the mother duck saves them by letting the snake eat herself. The heartbreaking video was shared by many on the great sacrifice of the mother duck. People showed their sympathy in the comment section of the video.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows a pit in the sand where a mother duck and a lot of ducklings were staying. A snake is seen entering the pit to eat the prey. As soon as the snake starts entering, the mother duck alerts its ducklings and pushes them out of the pit to make sure they do not get eaten by the snake. After all the duckling goes out, the snake slowly consumes the mother duck. The mother duck does not even seem to fight to stay alive. It looks like it was happy that the ducklings were safe. That is the true meaning of a mother’s love.

The video was shared by a Twitter handle “Sudha Ramen IFS”. The video has gone viral on Twitter after it was shared on social media. People expressed their sadness in the comment section.

Here are some of the comments :

Many users commented on why the cameraman did not try to save the mother duck instead of shooting the video. While other say it is wrong too interfere with wild life. It is the cycle of life. One must not disturb it. Most of those who watched the video were sad for the mother duck. The way it saved its ducklings before sacrificing itself is what made the video go viral.

“It’s the law of nature. You can’t take away the snake’s feast… However, it’s quite sad….” Another wrote, “A mother’s love is beyond any measurable limits. No matter if it’s human or animal.” One user said.

While another user wrote “Great video which explains mother’s love and commitment. Feel sorry for the soft target and soft natured duck .. But ! Its food chain where we have to be empathetic.”

What did you think about the video. Is the duck a hero? Tell us in the comment section below.


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