Vulture takes a ride on paraglider’s selfie stick

A video of a vulture sitting on a paraglider’s selfie stick has been doing rounds on the internet. The video was taken above the mountains in Andalucia. The video went viral after the person shared it on social media. It has gained over 2.7 million views.

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The video shows two aged men paragliding in the sky while there are mountains below. Suddenly out of nowhere, a vulture comes near them and sits on top of the selfie stick which one of the men was holding. It slowly comes towards the stick but fails a few times due to the difference in speed between the men and the vulture. It manages to tightly grab the stick with its claws.

The vulture landing on the selfie stick was not just a coincidence. It is one of the bird’s instincts and is trained to do it as a bird of prey. The video gained over 2.5 million views with many people astonished at the video. Many users wrote different comments to express their views on the video.

One user wrote “Vulture is like…ah cool brah…I just need to rest a little….wheeeeeee.  ok, I’m good….laters!”

One of the two men soaring the sky was a British instructor named Scott Mason and the other was a common adventure seeker. Scott is a professional at paragliding and takes other to see the beautiful scenery through the sky.

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