Wall of Death Stunt Goes Wrong

A video has been doing rounds on social media where a man and a small kid do a stunt by getting onto a bike inside a circular dome which is famously known as the wall of death. They start riding the motorcycle onto the walls of the dome by riding fast. They do it well for a few seconds after which they trip and fall into the center.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows two men and a kid inside the circular dome known as wall of death. Spectators are seen outside, on the top of the dome. A man from the outside recorded the video on his mobile phone. The man and kid get onto the motorcycle as people clap for them. They start quickly and ride the bike perpendicular to the dome. This is a very dangerous stunt since the man or kid did not have any protection. After riding for a while, the man takes the bike a little too high where the bike slips and falls down on the center of the dome.

The man was minorly injured while the kid suffered serious injuries. He was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. The people do these stunts for money by risking their lives.

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