What is Deep Web and Dark Web?

Everything you normally see on the internet is only 3-4% of the data stored across the entire World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is known as the Surface web. Sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia are on the surface web. The remaining 96% is called the deep web. And in that, there is something called Dark Web. Will tell you about that later on. First, let’s focus on what is Deep Web.

Deep Web

This is the part of the web that cannot be accessed using our normal browsers. The Deep Web is very big and it is said to be almost 2000 times the content available on the Surface Web. The Deep web can be categorized into two things. One is Obscurity and the other one is Authentication.


The word obscurity means the inability to locate a URL using the common search engines such as Google or Bing or Baidu. This is done by adding something called robots.txt file to the website. In the robots.txt file, we can allow or disallow the searching engines from finding our page on the internet. Most of the Deep Web content has robot texts which stop allowing search engines such as Google to find it. This is Obscurity.


Whenever we want to access a website, we need the correct login credentials in order to do that. The sites such as Facebook and Twitter normally ask only the login id and password to login to the account but the websites on the deep web are a lot more secure and it also makes sure that the IP address is hidden. This authentication is very much required so that the people such as black hat hackers don’t get into the system and steal the user details and information.

Now let’s talk about Dark Web. It may look scary and dangerous which it actually is. Many people don’t enter into the dark web as most hackers browse it and trying to find systems to exploit.

Dark Web

Dark Web is somewhat famous in movies where hackers do some illegal activities which look cool but aren’t. The Deep Web is mainly used to buy and sell illegal stuff across the internet without being tracked by any officials. These items include drugs, guns, and other illegal stuff. The dark web can only be accessed using a special kind of browser known as Tor. It is known as the Onion Router.

What does the onion router do? Whenever we login to a website. The website keeps a track of the IP address and the location of the user. Whenever we login using the TOR browser, it redirects the location from one place to another over a hundred times before accessing the website. This way, the IP address or the location of the user cannot be tracked in any way. We should be careful when accessing the dark web. One wrong mistake and our life could be in jeopardy.

Whenever you feel like checking out the Dark Web, do it after seeing all the instructions and following the rules properly. The hackers in the Dark Web can take all your data in seconds.

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