Why Is Avast Taking So Much Cpu

Your computer might slow down because of the Avast application taking up most of the CPU. Avast is a really good antivirus, but sometimes it can clog up your PC because of some mistakes or errors. It is common to see antivirus taking up so much of the disk space. Out of the different antivirus like Bit Defender, Kaspersky, Avast is the one application that takes the most CPU processor. So let’s see what we can do to fix this.

Why is avast taking so much CPU?

There are different reasons as to why your PC might be giving so much CPU process to just a single application. Here are some solutions you can try which might help the problem.

Solution 1

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The best way to fix a program is to uninstall and reinstall the program on your PC. This will revert all the settings and specifications of the Avast application back to the start when you first installed it. You can do this by going into the control panel, click on the uninstall a program section, and select Avast from the list of applications. This way you can understand if it is any mistake you might have done by changing some setting in the menu of Avast Antivirus.

Solution 2

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Check if you have the latest version of Avast on your PC. This matters a lot as the number of viruses and bugs is increasing day by day and the protection for the new viruses is done only by updating your application. Go into the update section in the settings of the Avast app and click on check for updates. By doing this, if any new virus is causing the Avast application to use so much CPU, it will automatically be decreased.

Solution 3

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Use the inbuilt repair function to solve the CPU usage problem. You have to go into the control panel and right-click the Avast application. This will give you two options. One is uninstall and the other is repair. When you click on the repair button, an Avast window will popup ask you if you want to repair the application. This will fix the problems in most cases by checking for errors internally.

After doing any of these three solutions, you must restart your pc to see if it has worked. The CPU buffer will be restarted in the way.

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